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Stability On The Rise

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Medical evacuation, search and rescue, and cargo transport missions require that helicopter hoist operations be performed in the face of disadvantageous environmental conditions. Hoisted objects tend to spin while being lifted under a helicopter due to rotor downwash.

Spinning is a potentially catastrophic event that leads to evacuee nausea, disorientation, and vertigo, and can be life-threatening.


Stabilizing Aerial Loads Utility System

Operationally Unobtrusive Anti-rotational Device

SALUS (Stabilizing Aerial Loads Utility System) consists a suite of electronics responsible for detecting motion and dictating motor behavior.

About The Product


A switch-enabled stability manager controls a spinning reaction-wheel to counter the angular momentum of a hoisted object.


SALUS connects to the hoist hook and lift slings, ensuring stability regardless of load type or the external environment.


An intuitive UX and simplicity of operation ensure existing hoist standard operating procedures remain intact.


SALUS supports various modules, to include visual and infrared lighting for load illumination.

Key Innovation

Operationally Unobtrusive Anti-rotational Device

SALUS employs a switch-enabled stability manager controlling a spinning reaction-wheel, to counter the angular momentum of a hoisted object. Reaction-wheel designs are common in many existing technologies, such as controlling the orientation of satellites. The device is connected to the hoisted object and therefore spins with the same angular velocity as the hoisted object. An inertial-measurement unit can sense the angular velocity of the device. A driven motor turns the flywheel, inducing the necessary stabilizing torque. Sensors read various measurements such as an angular velocity that corresponds with a hoisted object and provide those measurements to a processor. A custom control algorithm uses device kinematics to inform flywheel control. Ultimately, accelerating flywheel rotation in a specified direction can help stabilize the hoisted object.


Spin instability during helicopter hoist operations



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